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Sex or mathematics?

Calista is fond on Timur for a long time but he has not paid any attention to her before. Suddenly he has approached her and asked to help him with mathematics. Calista has invited him to her place and prepared for a boring math lesson. But once they have entered the house Timur has kissed her passionately and then pulled out his t-shirt and moved on the sofa. Calista decided to take an advantage of the situation and took off her clothes as well. She has sat on top of Timur and he has got that his challenge was accepted. Timur has took an initiative in his hands and acted really like a wild animal but the girl liked it much. He has pressed her body with his strong arms until she was feeling a little pain and she has allowed him to do anything with her... His cock was in her mouth and then she is already riding it and now he is taking her from behind... Look how they "learn mathematics"!