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Two girlfriends in white pantyhose

Alisha and Ninelly know each other for a long time and today they have decided to please themselves with beautiful white pantyhose. The blonde has put on thin and transparent white pantyhose while her brunette girlfriend has put on dense white pantyhose with shining threads. Alisha has kissed her girlfriend passionately and then moved down to tongue-play with her clit through the thin springy nylon. She has u-turned to allow her girlfriend return the favor. Then Ninelly has put the large dildo into her girlfriend's pussy and put the pantyhose back on. Alisha has helped the dildo to move while Ninelly has licked her clit through the pantyhose until her girlfriend cum. Alisha has decided to please her girlfriend as well. She has licked her clit initially and could not help but kiss her fingers covered with so teasing nylon. Then she has pulled her pantyhose away and put them into Ninelly's pussy. Then she has started to pull them out and Ninelly has closed her eyes of the pleasure. She has shaken her body convulsively feeling pantyhose sliding inside her pussy...